Berea ARF’s Capital Campaign to raise $2.4 million to build a new shelter facility is going strong, with over $1 million raised so far and groundbreaking anticipated in summer of 2019.

The new facility will be built on the 16 acres of land in Columbia Township ARF purchased in 2012, located on East River Road near Sprague — just three miles from our current location. The property boasts a beautiful landscape of grass and trees that will be ideal for housing and exercising our animals.

The initial plan is to build the shelter in phases as our funding responsibly allows, beginning with a small facility that meets our immediate needs and culminating in a large, full-service animal shelter that will enhance our ability to care for our animals and allow us to better serve our communities and adopters.

In addition to Berea, we’re involved in dialogues with neighboring communities to potentially accept their stray and unwanted animals, strengthening our impact within Northeast Ohio.

Berea ARF is now actively reaching out to volunteers, supporters and members of the community to help bring fundraising efforts to a close and make the dream of a new shelter a reality. We’re seeking one-time donations and five-year pledges to allow our faithful supporters the chance to play a role in this life-saving mission.

The New Shelter will benefit animals and adopters

In addition to housing more animals more comfortably, ARF’s new shelter facility is being strategically designed to ensure a more positive experience for all involved.

Enhanced animal care includes:

  • Separate intake rooms and larger isolation areas
  • Compartmentalized HVAC systems to prevent the spread of disease
  • Additional space for free roam cat rooms
  • Dog kennels with internal access to outdoor facilities

Improved adopter and volunteer experiences include:

  • Reception area and lobby
  • Meet-and-greet rooms for animal/visitor interaction
  • Large parking lot
  • Retail store for basic supplies

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